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Chairman - Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada

The State of Qatar is moving with great resolve and determination on the road of development and prosperity. It is managing and utilising its hydrocarbon resources to build a modern infrastructure and a sustainable knowledge-based economy. In this effort, Qatar Petroleum as the custodian and developer of the oil and gas resources is at the forefront in helping to achieve Qatar’s vision for sustainable social, economic, human, and environmental development.

We continue the sustainable development of Qatar’s rich natural gas resources and re-entrench its position as the world’s largest, safest and most reliable LNG producer. We are redeveloping our maturing oil fields to reach the longest possible plateau of sustainable production levels to support Qatar’s energy needs and economic development.

Despite the weight and volume of our task, we have never taken our eyes off the need to protect and preserve the environment and the commitment to developing national human resources. Qatar Petroleum is proud to be a deep-rooted corporate citizen of Qatar, maintaining a dynamic proactive engagement in our society and a major contributor towards human development at home and abroad through the promotion of education, training, and research.

As we enter our 5th decade, we are more determined than ever to live up to the legacy of all those who made Qatar Petroleum what it is today and to the expectations of a whole new generation of Qataris who will take Qatar Petroleum into a successful and prosperous future.

Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada

Minister of Energy & Industry
Chairman & Managing Director, Qatar Petroleum

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